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Bark Bark says Instagram's NoodleTownUSA

That's right!  See what's poppin off over at Noodle's Instagram Page. @NoodleTownUSA 
You don't know who Noodle is? Let me tell you.  She is a baby french bulldog and Biscuit's new buddy. The newest member of my family. She's a puppy so follow her life.

Why? Because it's fun. That's why.   Bark Bark


Why Do I Love to Hate Painting?

Confused yet? Me too. Why do I have this love/hate relationship with painting?  I have done everything from selling fine art in galleries to elaborate home murals. Even custom airbrushing on choppers and all sorts of other fun projects.  I often find myself wanting to be lazy or feel like it would be such a struggle to develop art. I hate the constant pull the paint and supplies have on me in the studio. One whiff of House of Kolors Kandy Paint and I'm sucked right back in.

One thing is for certain.  The studio wins everytime!