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Art Show Benefit to Help Restore Red Hook

One of my Mentor's, Ethan Morgan and his studio Rivington Tattoo N.Y.C. has developed a benefit art show  for businesses affected by hurricane Sandy. Ethan lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They had a storm surge that pretty much put the entire town underwater. Ethan was without heat, hot water, and power for 19 days. They are a bit off the beaten track and only have bus service, so the small businesses are very important there.

Ethan is doing a tattoo benefit/art show on 12/16. I know its short notice but if you could put this in your calendar that would be great.  The best way to help out is to donate a few dollars and show up to the art show if you are a local. Let's support our tattoo community and the citizens of the United States.  DONATE HERE