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Tattoo Alchemy's First Annual Halloween and Anniversary Party 2012

Saturday October 27th marked our first annual Halloween party for Tattoo Alchemy. We all had a great time and welcomed guests to celebrate with us in costume. The studio was filled with fog and scary lighting everywhere. The ouija board was out as well as antique halloween photos sprawled across the walls. Drinks were flowing and delightful treats. Here is a few of the PICTURES from our specially designed "photo op" area so you can share in the fun with us. Make sure to get on my newsletter to get a special invite next year!


Yep! We're looking for a full-time tattoo artist to join the Tattoo Alchemy Family at our studio in Montclair California, USA.

Here's The Deal...
• You must be a professional tattoo artist with a minimum of 4 years experience, a folio and clientele.

• You must be an artist that takes your career very seriously, and is looking to grow.

• No Egos or 'Tattitudes'(We're a very tight family of artists. Our motto is simple: "Loving-Kindness".)

• You must be Drug Free.

• Calm, Considerate and Professional is how we roll... We're all about customer service.

• You must be Photoshop savvy. 

• You must be Blood-Borne Pathogen Certified (with a certificate).

• You must be registered as a Tattoo Artist with the Health Department of San Bernardino County.

• You must have professional equipment. 
(This is an obvious requirement, but you can't be a high-quality artist without high-quality tools.)

• You must be available to tattoo at the studio 5 days a week Tuesday thru Saturday from 12 to 9pm. 
  (and until 11pm Friday and Saturday)

• You must have reliable transportation. 

Your portfolio should be put together in a well organized manner.
(Sharp and Clear Photos for Print Portfolios or JPG format for Digital Portfolios.) 
Digital Portfolios are preferred.

Please Submit your Portfolio (8 to 10 images max - .JPG format) and *Personal Information to: or call the studio (Tues-Sat 12 to 9) to schedule an interview @ 909.946.1826

*Include the following information: First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Portfolio and a few words about yourself. You can also send us a link to an online portfolio or website(s), just no Facebook Profiles or Facebook Photo Galleries Please. For Email Inquiries please title your email in the subject line: RE: Tattoo Artist Inquiry

As an alternative, If you'd like to come by the Tattoo Alchemy Studio to interview, please call us first so we can schedule a date and time with you. Be sure to bring your portfolio on a USB Memory Card/Stick, CD or High Quality Prints in an organized manner.

Be aware that we will be reviewing several portfolios over the next month. So please be patient once you've submitted your inquiry and portfolio via email. We will contact you via phone or email to schedule and interview with us at the studio.

We know... It sounds like a lot. But, despite the tight requirements, we're actually an easy-going, fun and loving crew of like-minded artists. We're simply looking for someone that vibes well with us.
We're looking forward to meeting you.
Thank You :)


-Tattoo Alchemy Family



Introducing the Apprentice Dave "D" Simpson

Today I would like to take the time to share with you my new apprentice. I know, I know I have told you in the past that I will not be taking on any new apprentices's. However "D" did not give me much choice in this matter. Dave comes from a background of tattooing and learning on his own over the past several years. However, he knew if he wanted to be taken seriously in this business he would have to do what it took to get to the next level. 

So after several meetings and discussions on what this actually entails, the team of Tattoo Alchemy has welcomed him into our family. Dave will not be tattooing as of now, due to backing up and learning this tradition from the ground up. But to all his old customers and new fans, please be as patient as he is and rest assured he'll be slingin' ink with the best of them soon enough. I hope you will welcome him as we did and if you would like to stay tuned in to the "Life of an Apprentice" follow Dave Simpson.


Instagram: @ davesimpsontat2