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Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 7

In todays episode we talk all about how I get to stir the pot. I tattoo Dave Navarro and me and Tatu Baby go neck and neck for the flash challenge win using traditional style tattoos. Arguements ensue and I stir it up regarding the tattoo challenge of doing landmark tattoos for guest artist Nikko Hurtado.

Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 6

On this weeks episode: Hot models and jungle animals make for a wild Flash Challenge. When the Artists ink Asian tattoos, a severed head and a buttcrack tattoo send the Judges reeling. Jime Litwalk gives Joshua Hibbard a taste of his own medicine and another Artist is eliminated.In this episode we discuss the animal challenge and all the beautiful animals and critters on display. I also go over the whole asian themed tattoo challenge and the judges choice for not picking a winner

Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 5

Scars are the flash challenge for this episode 5 of Ink Master Season 3. In this episode I discuss how the artists have to cover up scars in record breaking time. Next up, I discuss the difficulties of the dia de los muertos/day of the dead pin-up tattoos. With guest host Chuey Quintanar as well as Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez.

Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 4

It's finally here guys! Episode 4. Thanks for all the support. I dropped an external hard drive and lost a lot of footage, plus my internet access is so slow. So thanks for waiting. In this episode we discover that I had some issues with my Celtic Dragon Tattoo. Plus we had lot's of fun trying to build our coil machines provided by guest artist, Seth Safari. Watch and find out all the inside information on episode 4. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @jasonclaydunn and follow me on Twitter!

Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 3

In this episode I try to talk to you without getting beat up by my girl, Peachy! She wasn't very happy with me tattooing garter belts on all the beautiful ladies. I also talk about James "Danger" Harvey getting screwed by his canvas,Natalie and we say goodbye to Madison "Maddie La Belle" Loftis. Plus I discuss the whole phoenix challenge from my point of view.

Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 2

In this episode you are going to see me act like "guest judge" NFL running back Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans. Also i will be discussing the many battles that go on in the loft between Jackie "Ink Bitch" Jennings and "Mystical Mike Paterek. Also I do a little grillin with Joshua Hibbard. I talk about Tatu Baby and the rest of the Ink Master contestants and give insider details to the Spike Tv Show.

How to Use Ink Health's Pro Wrap Tattoo Bandage Part II

In this video I show how to wrap up a full japanese shi shi lion sleeve with Ink Health's new product, ProWrap. I show how plyable the wrap is and it contours with the arm and is an excellent choice for tattoo bandages. Self-adhering medical wrapping tape Non-sticking to skin Self-adhesive tape with no clips or fasteners Non-irritating wrap Latex-Free Non-allergenic Light weight porous wrapping that is breathable Adaptable to body contours High tensile strength Wrap will not slip so there is no need for frequent re-adjustments Comfortable