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Artist Spotlight: Peachy


Artist Spotlight:  Are you looking for a tattoo artist with a dynamic personality and "Jersey Girl" comebacks? Look no further. Peachy has been tattooing with the Tattoo Alchemy family now for over five years strong.  

Clients travel in from all over the world to adorn one of her "cute color bomb" tattoos as she likes to call her style. this gal has the ability to take a cute disney themed idea or a beautiful floral to the next level with smooth clean lines and saturated color. She has the ability to keep you coming back for more. 

May I suggest you follow her social media to see what she'll produce next! 

Instagram: @peachytattoo


Video Blog: Ink Master Insider Season 3 Episode 3

In this episode I try to talk to you without getting beat up by my girl, Peachy! She wasn't very happy with me tattooing garter belts on all the beautiful ladies. I also talk about James "Danger" Harvey getting screwed by his canvas,Natalie and we say goodbye to Madison "Maddie La Belle" Loftis. Plus I discuss the whole phoenix challenge from my point of view.