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Tattoo Alchemy is Looking For a Few Good Artists!

Calling all Tattoo Artists.  Come work with a solid crew and tattoo studio located in Montclair, CA
Tattoo Alchemy has been in business for 5 years strong and we are looking to add to our family. Please keep in mind that we are a walk in studio however we do mostly work by appointments to ensure a unique quality tattoo for all of our clientele. 

•Must have solid skills in tattooing. (lining, shading, color packing etc.)
•Must be a team player
•Please no super egos, aka: Tattitudes  (A pleasing attitude and smile goes a long way)
•No drug issues/drama
•Must have a solid clientele
•Must be looking to grow in skills and have a good ability to draw/paint etc.
•Must have basic knowledge on marketing your own business

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you and reviewing your portfolios and discussing details. Please keep in mind, I hire very slow and take my time. Email all inquiries to
Or visit our studio:
Tattoo Alchemy
Phone: 909-946-1826
5640 Moreno St. Unit D
Montclair, CA 91763
Jason Clay Dunn

Artist Spotlight: Peachy


Artist Spotlight:  Are you looking for a tattoo artist with a dynamic personality and "Jersey Girl" comebacks? Look no further. Peachy has been tattooing with the Tattoo Alchemy family now for over five years strong.  

Clients travel in from all over the world to adorn one of her "cute color bomb" tattoos as she likes to call her style. this gal has the ability to take a cute disney themed idea or a beautiful floral to the next level with smooth clean lines and saturated color. She has the ability to keep you coming back for more. 

May I suggest you follow her social media to see what she'll produce next! 

Instagram: @peachytattoo


What does The Matrix and Jason Clay Dunn Have in Common?

JCD Fun Fact: Several years ago I worked for a shop in San Pedro, CA. I worked with Ethan Morgan (former owner) from So Cal Tattoo.

One day a beautiful lady walked in and asked me for a squigly tribal like design off a sheet of flash. We actually used to do flash back in those days. I believe it was around 1999.

Turns out this beauty is the daughter to the late great singer, Marvin Gaye. Her name: Nona Gaye. We got along great. Did the small tattoo and off she went into the world.  

Fast forward several years to 2003. It was the opening day to The Matrix Reloaded. Me being the nerd I am guranteed me an earlybird seat.  Low and behold to my surprise, I see a tattoo that is about 6 foot high on the screen.  It took me a minute to remember doing that tattoo out of hundreds in the past. It was Nona playing the part of Zee in the movie. I wish she'd let me give that thing a fix up after all these years. 

So there you have it. A JCD Fun Fact and life goes on. ;)

Ink Master Viewing Party: Kelly's Sports Bar and Billiards


Join me and the Tattoo Alchemy Crew at Kelly's Sports Bar and Billiards for an Ink Master Rivals viewing party!


When: September 16, 2014 @ 6pm

Where: Kelly's Sports Bar and Billiards in Chino, California

Don't forget it's Taco Tuesday! Get your $1 Tacos and Drink Specials