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And the Winner of the Title of Ink Master Season 5 Rivals Goes To...


It was a long and crazy adventure trying to win this season of Ink Master.  Season 5 Rivals had plenty of drama and pitfalls for me but at the end I persevered and Won the title of Ink Master.  I also won the Viewers Choice Award.  This award carries a special place in my heart. I almost feel as if this win is more important to me than the title of Ink Master. It is you the fans that spent your time every show going online and voting for me.  I can't even begin to tell how amazing this all makes me feel especially from a kid that has struggled his whole life to become something and feel validated for my choices to create art.  Thank you so much.  Love and Kindness to all and hopefully this new year will be just as exciting for me and help me promote growth and positivity.

I truly bow my head to anyone that has suffered from panic disorder or any debilitation that is difficult to over come. After trying to endure the suffering of season 3 and season 5 I feel as if I had a duty towards all of us to try and suffer more to prove that we can live our dreams.  If I have inspired even one soul to live to his or her fullest potential then I will take that as the true Ink Master Win! Remeber life is how we choose to perceive it and nothing more.  So please, Live!  #fuckanxiety. 

Ink Master Viewing Party: Kelly's Sports Bar and Billiards


Join me and the Tattoo Alchemy Crew at Kelly's Sports Bar and Billiards for an Ink Master Rivals viewing party!


When: September 16, 2014 @ 6pm

Where: Kelly's Sports Bar and Billiards in Chino, California

Don't forget it's Taco Tuesday! Get your $1 Tacos and Drink Specials

Ink Master Season 5: Meet your Cast

Here you go everyone! Here is the cast of crazy misfits like myself that have been picked to entertain you with tattoos, flash challenges and over all fighting it out to get to the top.

Eventually one of us will be picked to be this new seasons Ink Master!

Here's your line up of Rivals:

Joshua Hibbard vs. Jason Clay Dunn

Angel vs. Chris Element

Julia Carlson vs. Caroline Evans

LT vs. Ty'Esha Reels

Emely Elegado vs. Aaron Is

Ryan Eternal vs. Mark Longenecker

Cleen Rock One vs. Tim Lees

Don Peddicord vs. Erik Siuda

Robbie Rippol vs. Jayvo Scott

AFX Magazine interviews Jason Clay Dunn from Ink Master Season 3


AFX / Lifestyle. (Living That Life)

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down on the phone with writer, Ryan Bickford from AFX Magazine.  It turns out he and his lady are big fans of the Ink Master Season 3 show. Ryan said he was pulling for me the whole time! Thanks for the love Ryan.

We talked cars, and about my history of doing custom airbrushing and where  that fits into my life with tattooing these days.  I have to say I feel inspired to pick up the airbrush again. Hopefully I can keep the motivation through out the year by staying tuned in and flipping through the digital pages of this well put together Auto Scene Magazine.  So if you are interested in the auto scene as I am, do yourself a favor and check this magazine out.

I enjoyed talking with you Ryan, and looking forward to your future magazines while I customize my new Scion XB.  Thanks for the interview and I hope you all enjoy!

Click Here for the Interview!


Jason Dunn

Jason Dunn Will Be Tattooing at Art-n-Ink Festival in Las Vegas

It's true. I will be tattooing in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel and Casino in June! Come on out and say hello and show your support. Be the first to get  your very own Jason Clay Dunn stickers and posters. These will be availble to purchase at the show. . See you there.

Event: Art-n-Ink Festival 

June 28-30
Friday 3pm - 11pm
Saturday 1pm - 11pm
Sunday 12 noon - 6pm 

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