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Look Inside Inked Magazine to Read My Inkmaster Win Article


The Inked Magazine is finally out on the stands.  Part of my Inkmaster Win was to be featured in Inked magazine.  Look for the Inked May issue. The Motorcycle Issue.  It sports a beautiful lady sitting on a bike with an Indian Larrygas tank on the cover. 

The article was written by Charlie Connell and the mysterious photography was created by Mark Abramson. It was probably too easy to interview with Charlie.  I almost feel that it's a bit revealing.  But honestly, I would'nt want it any other way.  I like the fact that it does'nt come off as a typical tattoo interview. So please my friends, go grab a copy and have an interesting read.  Once again, thanks to all the fans that voted for me to win the viewers choice award.  Thank you kindly.

AFX Magazine interviews Jason Clay Dunn from Ink Master Season 3


AFX / Lifestyle. (Living That Life)

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down on the phone with writer, Ryan Bickford from AFX Magazine.  It turns out he and his lady are big fans of the Ink Master Season 3 show. Ryan said he was pulling for me the whole time! Thanks for the love Ryan.

We talked cars, and about my history of doing custom airbrushing and where  that fits into my life with tattooing these days.  I have to say I feel inspired to pick up the airbrush again. Hopefully I can keep the motivation through out the year by staying tuned in and flipping through the digital pages of this well put together Auto Scene Magazine.  So if you are interested in the auto scene as I am, do yourself a favor and check this magazine out.

I enjoyed talking with you Ryan, and looking forward to your future magazines while I customize my new Scion XB.  Thanks for the interview and I hope you all enjoy!

Click Here for the Interview!


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